Digital Story: The Importance of Converting to Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Video

This was a video I created about how important it is for our economy and environment to use renewable energy sources as opposed to non-renewable energy sources.

By Mandy Sue Boudreau

Global warming causes by greenhouse effect

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere act like a mirror and reflect back to the Earth a part of the heat radiation, which would otherwise be lost to space.  The higher the concentration of green house gases like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the more heat energy is being reflected back to the Earth. The emission of carbon dioxide into the environment mainly from burning of fossil fuels (oil, gas, petrol, kerosene, etc.) has been increased dramatically over the past 50 years, see graph below.

A major reason why we need to turn to green energy!

By Mandy Sue Boudreau

The Case Against Global Warming Scepticism-The Wall Street Journal

This article was about reasons why Global Warming may be real and not real.  The author explained two sides on why someone should be a skeptic of Global Warming and why they should not. The authors conducted a study and according to the results, they demonstrated that Global Warming is real. I think the article had concreate reasoning and demonstrated valid results. Global Warming is real, any skeptics, please read this!

Any Climate Change skeptics, read this as well!

By Mandy Sue Boudreau

Climate Change-NewScientist Blog

This article argues that Global Warming is happening and it is caused by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas by humans. The author explains solutions to Climate Change and the changes caused by Climate Change. I am in support of this article because it demonstrates that Climate Change has become a serious issue and switching to energy efficient energy sources is the best solution to Climate Change. Check it out! This article is a must read for everyone!

By Mandy Sue Boudreau

The Climate Change “Debate” – debate implies we still don’t know

Turn Left 2013

Doubt and Controversy, these are words climate change deniers will use to get you to question the facts about climate change when spoken by climate scientists.

In this country – where the media is overwhelmingly dominated by one man (or his various corporations) – climate change tends to be framed in terms of climate change debate.

Apparently the jury is still out, weighing up the evidence, throwing a few ideas around and rewarding those with the most convincing argument and spin, instead of those with facts and truth on their side.

So let us all talk about this some more until we reach a conclusion – that kind of debate.

Everyone has an opinion, and believe that entitles them to have an equal say in the climate change debate, as much as climate scientists, who spent years studying these things.

Listen to climate change deniers – how often…

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By Mandy Sue Boudreau